Competency Based Grading

What is CBG?

Students earn credit by submitting evidence of learning that meets the learning goals for the class. Evidence is graded based on a scale and converted to the traditional percentages for A to F letter grades used for the semester report card and transcript grades.

Why CBG?

  • Transparency: Students know the expectations necessary to meet each learning goal for the class.

  • Progress is Tracked: Data for each learning goal is tracked so student/parent/teacher can easily see goals mastered and those they still need to work on.

  • Personalized: Teachers and students know exactly where they are in their learning so the learning can be personalized to meet the students’ needs including remediation for those in need and challenges for those who are ready for deeper learning.

  • Focus is on the process of learning: Instead of the focus being on one final grade and one chance to submit, the focus is on the learning process used to reach mastery of the learning goals with opportunities to submit evidence to prove mastery.

Final Letter Grades

Please note, all student letter grades are still based on the traditional grade percentage scale (90-100 = A, 80-90 = B, etc.)


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Competency Works

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