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Springdale Pre-K
Springdale Pre-K 1 day ago

Mrs. Schwab’s class at Knapp is learning about community helpers and today they were construction workers. They used cement (shaving cream) to build houses, towers, and a couple castles!

Springdale Pre-K
Springdale Pre-K 2 days ago

Reminder for next week!

Springdale Pre-K
Springdale Pre-K 3 days ago

This month the Pre-K Counselors taught your children how to use their “big voice”. Shubert the lightning bug showed us that words are more powerful than hands that hit or feet that kick. We learned that our words have power if used the right way.

Springdale Pre-K
Springdale Pre-K 7 days ago

Walker Pre-K has been learning about our community and community helpers. Yesterday they got a special visit from Ms. Kongmany’s brother, who is a Bentonville firefighter. He talked to them about being safe during a fire and all the special clothes and tools they use to help stay safe. He even demonstrated how fast they have to put their gear on!



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