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SPS District Advisory Page

If you have questions, please contact Cara Sedberry OR Kara Eagle

Advisory at George Junior High

GJHS Advisory Curriculum

November 3 


 Students will complete the Quarter 2 Personal SMART Goal and the Wellness SMART Goal.  Complete the Grade Check and Academic SMART Goal from Tuesday if needed.  

Here is a google form for students to complete that just shows them how to check current grades. It also asks their name, advisor, and if they need help.

October 21 


Advisors will lead students through the following 2 presentations.  Use slides to guide discussion about Internet Safety and Cyberbullying.

Internet & Phone Safety


Remind students about....

Red Ribbon Week

October 14, 2021


View GJHS Club Slide Show

Select Clubs (google classroom)

Study Opportunity

October 11, 2021



October 5-6, 2021

  1. Everfi - Honor Code: Bullying Prevention 

Go to the Everfi website. Follow the directions on the Registration PDF to register and join with code: 6ddea087

  1. Congratulations

  2. October Safety Topics: Advisors please go over the following safety topics with your students.

October 4 - Wranglers Read!

September 30 & October 1

For the Birds - activity

Fun Friday Activity Day

Wednesday, September 29 


Students will check grades in HAC and complete the Grade Check form. Advisors will assist students with the grade check form. Don’t forget to include a reflection in the last column of the grade check form.

Save the Grade Check form in your Advisory Folder in Google Drive.

Based on Student Progress Reports, ask Students to revisit and revise their Academic Smart Goal from last week as needed.  Academic Goal

September 28, 2021


1. Continue activities for Hispanic Heritage Month and/or Wranglers Read.

2. Student Council Application - Google Form for those interested will go out tomorrow during advisory.

3. Study Opportunity

September 27, 2021


1.  Screencast introducing Wranglers Read  

2. Wranglers Read Student Presentation  

3. Fave Book Contest

4. Continue activities for Hispanic Heritage Month


Goal 1

Each student will make a copy of the Student Involved Conference Presentation

  • Students will begin inserting information to be presented into their SIC Google Slideshow. Slides are labeled for each component to be included.  

If students have stayed up to date in advisory, they should have the following to insert:

Slide 1 - Change YOUR NAME to Student first and last name

Slide 2 - Students will type in their Class Schedule and teacher names.  Students will open HAC during the conference on this slide show current grades and if they have any missing assignments.

Slide 3 - Students can insert links to their completed SMART Goal Maps OR take screenshots of completed maps to insert

Slide 4 - Insert link or screenshot of MAP Goal Setting Sheet

September 10, 2021

MAP testing will be Sept 14-17.  In order to prepare, today you will be looking at your latest MAP scores so that you can set goals for testing next week.

Follow the steps in the MAP Goal Setting Google Slides to complete the task.  

This activity will be presented at your SLC.

September 9, 2021

Advisors will spend time exploring The GJHS Counselor with their students. There are 10 slides with dozens of resources available for students AND an entire slide dedicated to parents.  Advisors please model how to access Counselor Corner and walk students through as many resources as possible displayed on your screen.

How to find Student Counselor Corner


  • Click Students

  • Click Student Resources

  • Scroll Down

  • Click Student Counselor Center

  • Click the play button at the bottom of slide 1 to hear a message from the Counselors

  • Then navigate through slides using arrows

  • Spend time exploring the many resources available by clicking on the various icons on each page

September 8, 2021

Review the Read Aloud Slides to learn about text to speech options on your Chromebook.

Announcement: Student Led Conferences will be September 21 & 22 from 4:15-7:15.  SLC Conferences will have options for an in person conference time or a Zoom conference time.  More information will be provided soon.  

Progress reports will be distributed today and a study opportunity will be given to complete missing assignments.

September 7, 2021

Today's Goals:

*Grade Check 

*Completion of Academic SMART Goal


Students will check grades in HAC and complete the Grade Check form. Advisors will assist students with completion. Don’t forget to include a reflection in the last column of the grade check form.

Save the Grade Check form in your Advisory Folder in Google Drive.

Based on Student Progress Reports, ask Students to revisit and revise their Academic Smart Goal from last week as needed.  Academic Goal

September 3 

  1. GJHS 2021-22 Yearbook Theme Vote

Help choose this year's theme for the 2021-22 GJHS Yearbook.  Our yearbook staff narrowed it down to 5 choices and we need your help to decide which will be the theme of the yearbook.  After the vote, it will be presented to the Admin for final approval.  Thank you for your time.   Voting Form

  1. Friday Activity Day!

September 1, 2021

Principal’s Cabinet

The purpose of the Principal’s Cabinet is to give students an opportunity to share information with Dr. Flanigan and his administration team about their learning and social experiences at George Junior High School. The Cabinet will meet twice a month during the school day. Once with the Student Council to go over problems and concerns that other students have brought up and then once with the administration team. Our discussions will be linked to our continuous improvement process for GJHS. This group will also share suggestions and feedback about maintaining and enhancing the school for all students. If you would like to be on the council please answer the questions below. #DestinationGeorge

Principal’s Cabinet Google Form

AR Next Scavenger Hunt


Use the link to Arkansas NEXT Magazine to find the answers to the Scavenger Hunt.  Complete the Scavenger on your own, in teams, or as a class on a Google Doc.  Scavenger Hunt Questions

August 31 

1. Students will check out the resources available to them on the GJHS website.

Go to 


  • Click on Students

  • Clickon Student Resources

  • Scroll down and explore the resources available in this “one stop shop”

  • check out the Google Suite Tutorials and “How to email a Teacher”

  • Email your Advisory Teacher using this format. (Advisory Teachers please write your email address on the board).  Your Advisory teacher will respond to confirm they received your email.

2. Students will check Google Classroom for missing assignments and complete as needed.


August 30

HAC reset, grade check, and study opportunity.

August 25 & 26

Objective: Students will set Academic, Personal and Wellness SMART Goals for 1st quarter along with how they plan to reach their goals.


  • What is a SMART GOAL? Use the attached slide show to introduce SMART Goals.   SMART Goals

  • Students will set Personal, Extracurricular and Academic SMART Goals for the first 9 weeks.  Visit with students briefly about their goals and emphasize that these should be revisited throughout the 9wks and can evolve as students work toward their goals. Remember, this document will serve as the students Personal Learning Plan (PLP) each 9 weeks.  They will simply add to it quarterly as directed and will be used to guide conversations during Student Led Conferences. Students will make a copy of the templates to complete and then place them in their Advisory Google Folder.

August 24

Students will complete the Google Form by selecting 3 clubs of interest.  There is an option to share your own club ideas as well.  This is NOT a club sign up, but an interest survey.  Thanks for sharing your ideas.

GJHS Clubs - Interest Survey

August 23

Get to know the Library by reviewing the slideshow provided by Mrs. Martin. GJHS Library Media Center

Advisors will hand out any remaining supply pouches.

Advisors will complete the Google Form for any students without a Student ID.  This is to be completed for students NEVER receiving an ID, not lost ID’s. (Link available in advisor email)

Lost your ID? Go to the Student Resources Page and complete the Google Form.


*Organizing Gmail

Complete the EdPuzzle Video and attempt to answer the questions. After completing the video, open your school Gmail.

Create a label for each of your classes. Begin to organize your inbox by deleting emails and moving emails to appropriate labels.

*Chromebook Review

The Art of Learning to Use a Chromebook

*Meet the Student Slideshow

Continue working on your slides, due Friday.  On Friday, show the slideshow during Advisory.

*9th Grade Only: Please complete the Counselor Check-in form for Mrs. George by Friday.

9th grade Counselor Check-in

August 18


Advisors will check to ensure that each student is in possession of their own Chromebook.  This can be achieved by matching the sticker on the chromebook to the student's ID.  If you find a student in possession of a chromebook that is not theirs please email Mr. Rowe ( the name of the student and the name on the chromebook.

*Netiquette & Gmail

Complete the EdPuzzle Video and questions. After completing the videos, use what you have learned to send your advisory teacher an email. Share something you have learned in advisory this week and share something about yourself in the body of your email. Include a subject line. Advisors will reply with feedback about your email and a fun fact about him or herself.


*9th Grade Only: Please complete the Counselor Check-in form for Mrs. George by Friday.

9th grade Counselor Check-in

*Meet the Student Slideshow

Continue working on your slides, due Friday.

August 17

Google Drive & Folders

Complete the EdPuzzle Video and questions. The last question will ask you to create folders in your Google Drive, create the folders as directed for each of YOUR CLASSES following your schedule. Your advisor will assist you with creating folders as needed.

Meet the Student Slideshow

Each Advisory Class will create their own Meet the Student Slide Show! The template for your slide show has been posted in Google Classroom.  

Students will be responsible for completing their own slide that includes (but is not limited to) the following info:

  • Name

  • Grade

  • Picture

  • What is your favorite subject?

  • Do you have siblings?

  • Do you have pets?

  • What is your favorite movie or tv show?

  • Favorite food?

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • What would you like your Advisor and Classmates to know about you?

Students are encouraged to decorate their slides to reflect their personality.  Prizes will be given for the most creative and informative slides.  

Once students have completed their slide they will share it with their advisor who will make a master slide show including all students from their Advisory class.  Slideshows are due Friday, August 20. Advisors are encouraged to include their own slide (already completed) from Meet the Teacher Slideshow. 

August 16

GJHS Back to School Info Slideshow


Counselor Corner can be found on the GJHS website, Students, Student Resources